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Community Commitment and Involvement

It is our aim to promote SMB business and entrepreneurial leadership through stewardship. We are known for our Merchant Care but also for strong customer engagements with support for internal risk in payments, bank underwriting, account management and technical support teams - all to ensure a transparent payments experience. 

We constantly examine how we serve our merchants and their customers, their suppliers and their employees, with a constant sense of how we benefit others in our communities. Our guiding principles point to our core values of learning and leadership:

● Competence – being known for reasoned and balanced opportunities
● Character – recognized and wholly trusted in our communities
● Goodwill - promote best practices for excellence in business


enTrust Merchant Services makes it a priority to give back to the community through our exclusive Merchant Care Program. We are advocates and fundraising champions for Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley. For other non-profits, we promote their growth and mission and pursue opportunities for meaningful engagement with their boards’ leadership development and community affairs. 


We also invest in The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and business organizations. The Chamber is the 6th largest chamber in the US with a reach to over 5,000 member organizations. Our principal, Mike Lichtenberger, is a member of the Board of Governors and former Chair of The Business Council.  This mission council serves Member Relations to promote business growth and sustainability with a vision to provide key business program initiatives, stewardship and outreach through the exchange of ideas and best practices. Mike's leadership among Affiliated Chambers and Diversity Councils brings focus to The Business Council key business initiatives - namely, Excellence in Business and philanthropic events.

Lichtenberger, and his wife Judy have been long-term volunteers at the State Theatre for the Performing Arts where they have made Merchant Care a priority.  In addition to supporting the State Theatre at show time, enTrust Merchant Services - together with BAC | Credomatic - have been show sponsors over the years.


We believe in the human potential through education and community development. Lichtenberger holds a seat on the Business Advisory Board for Lehigh Carbon Community College with leadership and strategy contribution. Making a difference for local high school students, Mike published an innovative curriculum for Allentown School District’s CareerLinking Academy focused on high-demand occupations in the Greater Lehigh Valley Region.  


Our Group Executive, Mike Lichtenberger, was appointed in 2019 to the LANta Regional Transportation Board by the Northampton County Executive.  Mike currently serves as the Vice Chair, Board of Directors, and sits on various LANta committees among them Capital Assets Planning & Maintenance, Financial & Administration, and LANta Ridership.  


For more than two decades, Lichtenberger has been in leadership positions at USA Hockey, the national governing body for the sport of ice hockey.  Lichtenberger was appointed coach in chief for the Atlantic District where he served from 1996 to 2002 and serves the American Collegiate Hockey Association as their national coach in chief since 2003.


We continually seek opportunities to assist others whether it be for new start-ups, business planning and development for emerging small businesses, and mentoring.


We know there is nothing standard about making a difference in the lives of those calling the Lehigh Valley their home.


How You Can Get Involved: 

There are many ways to give back and get involved locally. Check back for events and fundraisers in our area! For now, click on any of the logos above and visit their websites for more info. 

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