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Merchant Care is about Stewardship.  See how we can make a difference.

What may truly set us apart from others is how well we serve our clients. What goes beyond trust is our proven insight toward Operational Risk, Transactional Economics, and FinCEN requirements [KYC, KYB, AML] and Revenue Management. 

We take pride knowing that our clients see us:


  • as a company that cares about their business and success

  • as capable of helping them with their concerns

  • as a company they may trust with their business payments and revenue

This is achieved through demonstrated competencies.  Customers understand what we do and that we have the skills to do so.  

Our character reputation is our personal calling card.  Before all else, we are trustworthy.  


Finally, goodwill and intentions within the regional business communities we serve result in numerous positive and favorable relationships.




Merchant Care is the philanthropic initiative by Mike and Judy Lichtenberger.  Our efforts are dedicated to causes important to our clients and our own non-profit interests.

Through the enTrust Merchant Care program, a portion of net earnings on processing income is allocated and paid to designated non-profits and their missions.  These take the form of Merchant Care reduced pricing, direct contributions, rebates, and the donation of equipment and hardware. Often, Merchant Care can be seen in action through our giving of time and talents to non-profits.

enTrust Merchant Care was established in 2007 as a way to connect with and engage community partners.  These philanthropic efforts matter deeply to our merchants and their families, employees, and others who want to make a difference.

enTrust Merchant Care has aided the mission and causes of The Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, The Chamber, The Central Moravian Church, The State Theatre for the Performing Arts, Ft. DuPont Sports Center, Devils Youth Hockey, HRC Sports, Animals in Distress, and The Manito Equestrian and Life Center, among others.

To learn more about how our Merchant Care Program and how you can promote your chosen non-profit organization, please contact us.



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We care about your business...

We are able to help you...

You can trust us to do our job...

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