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Cyber Attacks Security Update

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You data security and compliance expert amid unprecedented challenges

We recognize that businesses everywhere are operating in uncharted territory. Amid the chaos and uncertainty, SecurityMetrics remains steadfast in our mission to help you close compliance gaps and prevent data breaches.  

SecurityMetrics created this blog post to provide a central location for their  COVID-19 security resources and content. Please check back regularly for additional updates and help. 

While it's difficult to know the true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on data security and businesses in the long run, cyberattacks and phishing schemes are nothing new. New varieties of risk, threat, and vulnerability are popping up, but best practices remain the same. Additionally, conditions can change overnight, which is why the SecurityMetrics Security Operations Center (SOC) will be monitoring the cyber threat landscape and alerting customers to the most important developments.


Practical steps to handle cyber threats, attacks, and scams during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis:

  • Evaluate: cyber attacks have increased amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how these threats may impact your business. Review data security policies and procedures like multi-factor authentication and remote access security.

  • Educate and support: Employees are your first line of defense, but may be scattered and working different schedules than normal. Educate employees on how to avoid phishing attacks and other social engineering schemes.

  • Reach out: contact a cybersecurity professional if you have questions, concerns, or believe you have experienced a data breach.


Learning resources for you and your employees


Understand COVID-19 cyber threats:

[Blog] COVID-19 Cyber Attacks: Threat Report and Best Practices

[Blog] COVID-19 Coronavirus Update from CEO Brad Caldwell

[Podcast] Effect of COVID-19 Crisis on Healthcare IT Security 

[Webinar] 2020 Forensic Data Breach Predictions


Train your workforce during COVID-19 security crisis:

[Blog] Implementing PCI-Compliant Remote Workforce Remotely

[Podcast] How to Work from Home Securely

[White Paper] Securing Your Remote Desktop Connection 

[White Paper] 5 Tips to Train Your Workforce on Social Engineering

[Webinar] Multi-Factor Authentication


Review Your Data Security and Compliance:


SecurityMetrics 2020 Guide to PCI DSS Compliance

SecurityMetrics 2020 Guide to HIPAA Compliance

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